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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Best Way to Diet is to NOT

I love food too much to diet. I really do. And so, this past two-week urge to lose a couple pounds before spring break has been an epic fail, because not only do I just gaze longingly at mini cream puffs at Whole Foods, I end up gorging on homemade madeleines at the Snack Stop on campus.

Take home message? Just eat it.

Today was a perfect day of food, and a perfect example of my failed dieting. Breakfast? Frosted Mini-Wheats and Cheerios [mixing cereals is way more fun than eating just one!] Snack Stop? Nibby cookies, madeleienes, chocolate chip cookies, and raspberry thumbprints, followed by a hearty and gooey mac and cheese. All that is missing is a slice of cheesecake to end my night.

Sorry, Mexico, but it looks like you'll be getting another fatty American in town soon. Deal with it and feed me!

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