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Monday, August 24, 2009

City Nights #2: SPQR

For those of you new to the blog, City Nights #1 was A16. And given that this was night number two, it is only fit that I dine at the sister restaurant, SPQR, which specialises in Roman cuisine.

I've been to SPQR before for brunch [lemon ricotta swirl pancakes!] but never for dinner. The menu is divided into cold antipasti, hot antipasti, fried antipasti, and then a small collection of pastas and meats. You can mix and match antipasti for a fixed price, so we ended up doing that.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention who the "we" was! Saturday was a mini Relay for Life [or Riffle, as I like to call it; RFL = Riffle, get it?] reunion. Nicole, one of last year's event chairs lives in SoCal and came up for a couple days, so she, the other event chair, Nick, and I decided to hit up a top 100 restaurant in SF. And what great results! Luckily the executive sous chef was there last night working one of his last shifts, so he treated us like royalty. He turned a simple meal into an elaborate four-course dinner complete with an extra dish at each course free of charge! As Nicole said, every course was like Christmas morning:

Cold antipasti: Tuna conserva, fennel, ceci beans, celery, radish

Cold antipasti: Fresh ricotta, marinated summer squash, toasted pinenuts and crostini

Fried antipasti: Cauliflower with garlic, parsley, capers and lemon

Hot antipasti: Calamari with potatoes and greens

Second favourite dish of the night: Grilled eggplant with pecorino, pine nuts, and basil

Dessert #1: Granita with pecorino crema, candied fennel, and blackberries

Favourite dish of the night: Riso budino with plum confittura and pistachios

All in all, another successful dinner in San Fran!

Ending a wonderful dinner with fantastic event chairs and friends!

Now onto the next top 100 restaurant..

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