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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finals are Done, Summer Has Begun!

.....For ten days at least.

It has been a hectic week, and the appearance of our apartment proves it. Beds piled with clothes, sleeping a maximum of three hours on the sofa, intense caffeine intakes, and stacks of dishes.

But somehow, somehow, we made it through. We always do, even though it doesn't feel like it at the time, and I am so glad that I can sleep before 4am and go back to getting myself better.

Oh, about that: More blood results came in. Iron and blood count levels are up, but still far below average. I still need to take 7 pills a day and watch my diet closely. Ughhh.

But Apartment 102 still manages to sneak in its fun. Last weekend, we had a night on the town and had dinner at A16, where I intern at. After bringing home leftovers for weeks, we all decided that it was high time to actually go in and try their food legitimately. So in dresses, makeup, and heels, we braved the Bay Bridge traffic and ate til we dropped. Here are some snaps of the night:

Alcohol to get us through the studying: Blushing Angel and Fuzzy Naples.

Mozzarella burrata drizzled with olive oil, served with crostini

Roasted Calabrian chilies [A gift from the kitchen, and so good!]

Ricotta gnocchi with tomatoes [Definitely one of my favourites; simple and delicious]

Funghi pizza of assorted mushrooms and arugula

Chocolate budino tart drizzled with olive oil and sea salt [A16's signature dessert, and with good reason. The salt and olive oil will knock your taste buds out of the park.]

Fig and raspberry crostata with ricotta gelato and imported pistachios [Those pistachios are amazing]

Crespelle of strawberries, pecorino crema, and black pepper [The crema was a little heavy for me, personally]

Being an intern has its perks, including 50 percent off!

Ending our dinner; the perfect study break!

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